Public Participation at Library Board Meetings

The most effective way for members of the public to express their views about the library and its services is by talking with library management. One of the job duties of library managers is to meet with the public, as well as to represent the library to the community. In addition, the Director is always available to meet with citizens to discuss all aspects of library service.

Members of the community who wish to be heard by the Board on any matter may communicate through letter to the Board President or any other member of the Board.

Time is also set aside on each Regular Meeting agenda for public participation from the audience. Any member of the public who wishes to speak to the board is asked to sign-in before the meeting is called to order so that he or she may be placed on the agenda. Those who have signed-in to address the Board will be recognized in the order in which they signed in. Public comments should be addressed to members of the Board.

The main purpose of Board meetings is to conduct the business of the library. The Board President may limit by time the comments of each public participant and will do so by announcing the time limit at the beginning of the meeting, and applying the time limit equally to all participants. The Board President may also limit the public comment to only those subjects appearing on the meeting agenda. The Board President will do so by announcing the subjects at the beginning of the meeting and applying this limitation to all participants.