New Website for Minerva Public Library

(September 4, 2009)    The Trustees and staff of the Minerva Public Library are very pleased to replace our over-six-years-old web presence with a website that has a better design, is easy for you, the user, to navigate, and is much easier for us to update.  The site was built for the library  by staff at the Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN)  using the open source software Drupal.  At a time of budget shortfalls and cutbacks in programs and services, it may seem odd that the library would invest in  a major project.  However, OPLIN offers public library website development at a very reasonable price as part of its charge to provide information services to public libraries in Ohio.   We hope that you will enjoy using the library website and will find it interesting, helpful, and entertaining.  If you have questions or comments, please let us know using the new Contact Us form.