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 Changes at the Library


(07/23/2009)  As you know, the State of Ohio has now passed a new biennium budget. As part of many reductions in state spending, the money transferred into the Public Library Fund (PLF) has been reduced from 2.22% of the General Revenue Fund to 1.97%.  The library already had a plan in place to manage an expected 15-20% shortfall this year due to the decline this year in state revenue collection.  We estimate that, with the continuing decline in state revenue collection combined with the reduction in the percentage of money transferred to public libraries, Minerva Public Library will receive 24% less PLF money this year than in 2008, and 29% less PLF money in 2010.  The library staff and Board have carefully considered a variety of ways to manage this drop in support while continuing to provide you with the variety of services and materials you expect. 

The library needs to build up its savings this year in order to manage the larger shortfall expected for next year.  To save money over the next five months, the library administration and Board have decided on the following measures:

  • All library employees will work 15% fewer hours beginning July 27, and will take two days leave without pay later this year.  This cut will save the library a total of 19 days worth of staffing costs by the end of the year.  The hours the Library is open will be cut by 10% because of the reduction in staff available.  

  • Money budged for substitute staff for the remainder of the year has been reduced by 73%.

  • Money budgeted for new library materials has been reduced to 10% of the amount provided by the PLF.  The library has already spent that amount this year, and will rely on booksale money and donations to fund purchase of new materials over the next five months. 

      Minerva Public Library strives to provide you with effective and efficient library services that meet the needs of the community, and we will continue to do so regardless of the size of the library's budget. We will need to cut expenditures in 2010, but the reductions will be spread over 12 months, rather than over the five months we have to work with in the rest of this year.  As we go on, we will need to make hard decisions about what materials, services, and programs, should be maintained, reduced, or eliminated.  We will keep you informed as we work through the next budget plan.  Your questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome.  

Thanks for your  support,

The staff and Trustees of Minerva Public Library