Library closed Monday, January 18

(January 14, 2010) The library will be closed Monday, January 18 for a day of leave without pay for all staff.  This closing is part of the library's plan to manage the expected reduction in library funding this year.  All staff will take leave without pay on January 18, February 15, October 11, and November 26 and 27.  In addition all staff have had their hours of work reduced by 10% for 2010 and the Library Director and Fiscal Officer have taken 10% cuts in their salaries.  The library's budget for purchasing new books, DVDs, and other materials for you to check out and enjoy has been reduced and is now tied directly to Minerva's share of the Public Library Fund.  Due to the careful decisions made in 2009 by the library Administration and Trustees to the manage the dramatic drop last year in the money allocated to Ohio's Public Library Fund, the library ended 2009 in sound financial condition.  The latest estimate for 2010 from the State of Ohio shows a 24% drop in funding from 2008 levels for Minerva Public Library, and that is, in fact, a smaller decrease than we have been planning for since last summer.  Therefore, we are confident that we can manage this further reduction in funding while still providing you with the services, programs, and many of the library materials you have come to expect from the Minerva Public Library. Your generous donations are always appreciated and cash donations will be directed this year to the purchase of new materials and the support of library programs for all ages. 


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