Fax service is available to the public during the library’s regular business hours. Library staff members operate the fax machine; patrons are not permitted in the staff work area. All incoming and outgoing transmissions are logged so that use of the fax for library and for patron purposes may be kept separate.

  •  A flat fee of $1.00 is charged for the first page.
  •  A flat fee of $.50 (50 cents) is charged for each additional page.
  •  No extra fee is charged for long-distance or overseas transmissions.
  • A flat fee of $.50 (50 cents) is charged for each page received.
  • Patrons expecting an incoming fax should notify the library in advance.
  • Patrons will not be charged for unsolicited (junk) fax messages.
  • Any fees charged by the sender will be passed on to the recipient.
  • Unclaimed faxes will be destroyed after five (5) working days.

Source URL: https://minerva.lib.oh.us/content/faxing