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Screenshot of Academic Search Premier database search page.
Academic Search Premier

A full-text multi-disciplinary (arts, business, humanities, science, technology, etc.) database that provides sources spanning the range from popular magazines to newspapers to peer-reviewed academic journals and beyond. Also offers access to more than 67,000 videos from the Associated Press dating from 1930 to the present. From EBSCOhost. [User Guide.]

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American & English Literature

A collection of poetry, drama, and prose based on books and other sources originally published in print. Subcollections include the Bibliography of American Literature, Editions and Adaptations of Shakespeare, The Bible in English, English Prose Drama 1280-1915, Early American Fiction 1774-1850, African-American Poetry 1700-1900, and more. From OhioLink.

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Screenshot of Biography Reference Bank logo.
Biography Reference Bank

A biographical database that offers full-text articles, images, and abstracts on more than 750,000 individuals, living and deceased. Sources include periodicals and biographical reference books. From EBSCOhost.

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Screenshot of ERIC search page.

An authoritative database of indexed and full-text education literature and resources dating from 1966 to the present that is sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences in the U.S. Department of Education. Contains multiple source types, including but not limited to: journal articles, curriculum guides, policy papers, books, and an education-specific thesaurus containing over 11,700 terms. Search results can be narrowed by education level as well as by the intended audience. From EBSCOhost. [Support Page and User Guide.]

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Screenshot of Explora Public Libraries search page.
Explora Public Libraries

Search this multidisciplinary database by keyword or subject (or use the Advanced Search function) to find reliable sources pertaining to arts & literature, biography, business & careers, current events, geography & culture, health, history & social science, and science & math. Source types include but aren't limited to: professional journals, popular magazines, reference books, images, and primary sources. From EBSCOhost. [Beginner's User Guide.]

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Screenshot of Internet Archive homepage.
Internet Archive

This non-profit digital library provides users access to millions of free books, movies, software, music, radio, archived websites, and more. Want to know if a public figure really said that? Check out the site's TV News Archive, particularly the fact-checked items. Want to track down a webpage that's been deleted or altered? Use the site's Wayback Machine. 

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Screenshot of Kids InfoBits Homepage.
Kids InfoBits

A database that helps kids find authoritative, age-appropriate information while gaining familiarity with database searching. Sources include books, magazines, videos, charts, and graphs, while subjects covered include the arts, geography, health, literature, science, social studies, sports, and technology. Content can be filtered based on level of learning, and can be translated into over 36 languages, both on screen and read aloud. From OWL. [Beginner's User Guide, Basics Video Tutorial, Search Tips, Search Video Tutorial, and Documents Video Tutorial.]

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Screenshot of Literary Reference Center homepage.
Literary Reference Center

Packed with author biographies, plot summaries, critical essays from leading publishers, multimedia content, and much more, this full-text database is the perfect place to start research for a school English project. Also includes a literary glossary; a research guide to literary research, writing and critical reading; and lesson plans to support classroom instruction. From EBSCOhost. [User Guide.]

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Screenshot of a button that reads "MAS Ultra School Edition".
MAS Ultra: School Edition

Tailored to high school students, this database contains popular high school magazines, reference books, primary documents, biographies, and an image collection containing photos, maps, flags and color PDFs. Subjects covered include the arts & humanities, business, health, history, politics, science, careers, and more. From EBSCOhost. [User Guide & Beginner's Video Tutorial.]

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Middle Search Plus

Tailored to middle school students, this full-text database provides students with access to popular middle school magazines, reference books, primary documents, biographies, and an image collection containing photos, maps, flags and color PDFs. Subjects covered include the arts & humanities, business, health, history, politics, science, careers, and more. From EBSCOhost. [User Guide & Beginner's Video Tutorial.]

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Screenshot of National Archives Access to Archival Databases homepage.
National Archives

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the U.S. federal government's record keeper, and researchers can access important primary documents through its digital archival databases. The main National Archives website features special sections on America's Founding Documents, Veterans' Service Records, Research Resources, and Educator Resources--as well as an A-Z subject index--so be sure to take a look at it too. [Beginner's User Guide.]

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Screenshot of Oxford Research Encyclopedias homepage.
Oxford Research Encyclopedias

This resource provides substantive, peer-reviewed, regularly updated overview articles written by certified experts in their subjects. For ease of access, multi-media features are embedded in the articles, along with cross-referenced links to related content. From OWL. [Video Guided Tour.]

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Screenshot of Points of View Reference Center.
Points of View Reference Center

Need information for an opinion paper or a class debate, or just curious about a controversial subject? This database, which provides factual overview articles alongside pro and con opinion pieces, is an excellent place to start. Also contains research guides on relevant subjects that include but aren't limited to: "Choosing a Topic", "Debate Etiquette", "Evaluating a Website", "From Notes to Outline", "Judging Fact vs. Opinion", and beyond.

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Screenshot of Science Reference Center homepage.
Science Reference Center

Designed for student researchers and teachers, this database offers access to full text for hundreds of science magazines, journals, encyclopedias, and reference books, as well as to lesson plans, 580 videos, and more than 275,000 high-quality images. From EBSCOhost. [User Guide]

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A screenshot of the Very Short Introductions homepage.
Very Short Introductions

Use this resource to access short introduction guides about subjects ranging from the Laws of Thermodynamics to Indian Cinema. The topics covered by this series fall under the following primary categories: Arts & Humanities, Law, Medicine & Health, Science & Mathematics, and Social Sciences. From OWL. [User Information] 

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