Tax Forms at the Library

It's time to think about 2016 taxes.   The library has the instruction books and basic return forms for the Federal 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ returns, and also the instruction book for the Ohio IT1040 and IT1040EZ returns.   The Ohio Department of Taxation does not provide the return forms for free distribution, and provides us only a limited supply of the instruction book.   The library does have master copies of the Ohio return forms at the service desk that you may use to photocopy forms for yourself.   Almost all Federal tax  forms, instructions, and publications may be downloaded and printed from   Likewise, Ohio tax forms and instructions may be downloaded and printed from .  Tax forms and instructions provided by the IRS or ODT for distribution are available at no charge.   The library charges 10 cents a page for photocopies or for printing from the internet.